How to Combine your Full-time job with your Business

It’s a common belief that if one must venture into entrepreneurship, that person might have to quit his/her paid job. The argument for this notion is that it enables the entrepreneur to fully commit and concentrate on the business.

However, change is constant and when it comes to starting a business, there is no hard and fast rule. It is important to flow with the dynamics of your unique situation and environment. Moreover, you may not have the full capital required to start up that business. So, funding your side-hustle from your monthly salary for instance may not necessarily be a bad idea.

Let’s tell ourselves the truth! Entrepreneurship is risky. For instance, a man who’s got a family to take care of shouldn’t be advised to abruptly stop his (8-5) gig all because he’s got this ‘fantastic’ business idea. Who says you can’t have it both?

The good news is you can easily combine your full-time job with your business. Most successful entrepreneurs today pointed out the fact they had a full-time commitment while starting up their business. As at the time of writing this post, I am currently effectively combining my business and my full-time job. So, I guess that’s enough proof that you can too.

Do not quit your job before starting that business

Here are a few tips on how you can combine your full-time job with your busines

  • Plan your day!

Planning your day matters a lot. The little consistent things you do is a major determinant of the success or failure of your business. Avoid distractions, especially from less busy co-workers. Finish up all tasks at hand so you can turn your focus towards your start-up. Over time, I found out that writing down all I have to do for the day (including appointments and commitments), makes my planning process easier. You could try that too. Use your reminder apps on your phone, notepads etc.

  • Manage your time judiciously

Time is one of our greatest assets in life. Make the most of it. As an entrepreneur, judicious time management is key. Success in any venture is largely dependent on what you do with your time. Allocate your time to each goal, task or appointment you need to achieve for the day. Managing your time judiciously also requires knowing when to take a break. Of course, you wouldn’t want to over-work and breakdown. After all, only a healthy person can successfully run a business.

  • Outsource and Delegate!

While combining your full-time job with your business, you need to accept one fact! You won’t be able to handle everything on your own. It’s okay to delegate some tasks to freelancers, marketers, co-competitors etc. For instance, as a content writer, I rather sub-contract a writing gig to a freelancer than turn it down completely in the name of ‘I am too busy’.

Also, outsourcing helps you focus on your area of strength while delegating tasks in your area of weakness to the experts in that field. For instance, you may not be a good digital marketer for your business, so why not outsource and let the experts handle that.

  • See your Job as a blessing

Do not make the mistake of looking down on your full-time job because you are starting a business. Apart from the valuable experience you are gaining from your workplace, a full-time job guarantees a steady, consistent stream of income be it weekly or monthly. A percentage of your income will most likely go into expanding your personal business. A lot of projects I embarked upon in my business were funded by my salary; including the hosting of this website. Awesome! Right?

Bottom Line

For your business to thrive and eventually become successful, determination matters the most. It all depends on YOU!

Just as my guys in Warri will say;

 ‘Everything dey your hand’

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