Selling is a powerful art-form that cannot be under-estimated. There’s a high possibility of finding yourself in a situation where you will have to get the attention of people without a prior template or script.

Whether you are trying to build a relationship with your colleagues, network with potential clients, or job hunting, it is very important that you know how to sell yourself. Selling yourself should not be confused with eloquence; we may be fluent public speakers and may have no problem pitching our ideas to others. The problem is: How convincing are you? How do you sell yourself in a world laced with competitiveness?

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Well, here we go!

Describe yourself concisely and impressively

First impressions matter a lot. People tend to miss it at this vital point probably due to lack of confidence or due to the fact that they were caught off-guard. Opportunities to sell your personal brand to others can occur anywhere, anytime. You need to be smart enough to grab the opportunity whenever it comes. A confident personal description of yourself puts you a step ahead of others especially in the business-sphere.

Be Different

The world constantly craves for something new. However, if your idea or skill set is not totally original, you need to give convincing reasons why yours is different from the others. Identifying your peculiar qualities helps you separate yourself from the competition.  Differentiate yourself; aim high; be best at something. In the words of Kevin Ward, “The goal is not just to be different. The goal is to add value to people in a different way.”

Give a helping hand

Giving a helping hand in this context simply talks about adding value. You need to make people realize that building a relationship with you adds value to them. Find out areas you can collaborate with people, capture their needs and demonstrate how you are better positioned in solving their problems.

 Personal integrity

Integrity and a good reputation are vital for building trust. When you have the confidence of people around you, your brand, product or service becomes a trending topic. A friend tells a friend who tells another friend about you. It’s a ripple effect that never ends; be it negative or positive.

Now, over to you!

What’s your unique selling point?

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